Two villages Weißenborn in east-Thüringen and two in Saxony

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Posted on Facebook on 14 December 2015.

On the attached map I have indicated the locations of four more villages Weißenborn, in the east c.q. to the east of Thüringen. I have also indicated the locations of the five villages Weißenborn I have mentioned in earlier posts. It is seen that there is quite a distance between the two groups.

I have not visited any of the four villages in the east myself. I was very pleasantly surprised when dr. Hermann Schaper from Bochum allowed me to read and copy the extensive report he has made of the trip to all nine villages that he and his wife have given as wedding present to his daughter Inke and her husband Sönke Weißenborn, and which he has made together with them in July 2007. I find this an appealing idea: if my son and/or daughter feel like making such a trip as wedding present, we - my wife and I - shall certainly volunteer to make it with them!

Dr. Schaper also took the trouble to make the genealogical research by Sönke Weißenborn's grandfather Albert easily accessible. I have quoted from this research in my post "A beam across time". I have furthermore included all data that dr. Schaper has made available on my webpage.

In his report dr. Schaper also mentions and shows pictures of a well spring that bears the name Weißenborn. There must have been and probably still are numerous such well springs: that is what the name Weißenborn is about.