Visit to the Weisenborn wineries and "Sektkellerei" in Kallstadt.

Posted on Facebook on 25 June 2016.

My wife proposed that this year we visit again the places we went to in France on our first holiday together, exactly 30 years ago. Retracing our past, as it were. Of course I got enthusiastic about the proposal.

On our tour from Nordhorn in Germany to Avignon in France we will first visit Kallstadt, 400 km south of Nordhorn. In Kallstadt there are two wineries and a "Sektkellerei" run by Weisenborns, the wineries already for many generations. Of course we will buy wine there, and the label will play a role: how cool is it as a Weisenborn to have Weisenborn wine on your table, when dining with close friends!

I will bring up the subject of descendancy, of which I know these Weisenborns are proud: they claim that their roots are in Kallstadt for generations. Well, so they are. But where did their earliest ancestor known to me, Johann Christoph, come from? His 18 children were born between 1720 and 1743 in Herxheim am Berg , a village north of Kallstadt.

Has anyone managed to go back further in time? Did the 30 Year war (1618-1648) and its aftermath also drive the ancestors of this tailor away from Thüringen? Food for study.

I will of course also mention that there are distant Weisenborn relatives (both in time and in the US), who would like to know how their family in the homeland is doing.

We will keep a record and take pictures during our visits to the various Weisenborns in Kallstadt, and post some of that material on this facebook page.