The Weisenborns in Kallstadt (2)

Posted on Facebook on 25 August 2016.

The first picture features, apart from the author, Bernd Weisenborn; the second picture Kai and Katrin Weisenborn. Their relation to the Bill Weisenborn and his relatives in the USA is shown in the third picture, which is a screenshot of a page that can be produced with my webpage, excepts for the colored bars I have inserted. With some exercise it should - I think so, and I explain how below - be possible to bring up this very page on your own screen. The people in the yellow boxes are Bernd, Kai and Katrin, as well as Bill. The person in the red box is their most recent common ancestor.

One way to bring up the screen is to look up Bill (William Milton born in 1940) and click on his name. This is the link that takes you to the page with the parent-child relations. Then click on Johann Heinrich ("I"), then on Heinrich ("IV"), then on Heinrich, then on Heiner. This brings up Bernd.

Next click on Ludwig, then on Karl, then on Klaus. This brings up Kai and Katrin.

It can now be seen how Bill is related to Bernd, Kai and Katrin. I have constructed the software such that it is possible to bring up these relationships on a single screen, even if the common ancestor has lived more than five generations ago.

One final remark: in the data base you find that the second wife of Heinrich ("IV") - by clicking on the years behind his name - was Barbara Trump, a sister of D. Trump's grandfather.