The Weisenborns in Kallstadt (3)

Posted on Facebook on 25 August 2016.

The selection of wines we took home, all six together and then two by two. The pictures speak for themselves; pity that the contents has stayed on the wrong side of the lense :).

The only reason that there are more bottles from the Schröder-Weisenborn weingut than from H&B Weisenborn is that we visited the latter first. The evening after the visit my daughter ordered rose with her dish, in another Strausswirtschaft - as the Weisenborn one only re-opens on 2 September -. The next day we visited Schröder-Weisenborn, and my daughter ordered 6 bottles of rose there, over and above the 6 red and 6 white. What a blessing is a thoughtful daughter! The secco was a gift from Kai.