The Weisenborns in Kallstadt (5)

Posted on Facebook on 10 September 2016.

We were in Kallstadt for only four days, two days at the start of our journey and two days on our way back home. As I was well-prepared for the visit, I have gathered a lot of memories in the short time I was there. Our daughter took nearly all of the pictures I now have. She is a professional photographer - amongst other things, as she is primarily a qualified car mechanic - and has the required eye for composition.

In this posting I have uploaded the remaining pictures that may be of interest. The first picture shows the main road through Kallstadt. It is taken standing in front of the Schröder-Weisenborn weingut. On the right is visible their display case for wine bottles. The brown house in the far distance, seen from somewhat closer by in the second picture, is owned by Jürgen Weisenborn, brother of Bernd Weisenborn. Which brings me to the third and fourth picture: the letterbox of Bernd's house, and yes, why not, another picture with Bernd and myself in front of his Straußwirtschaft.